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How do you create stand-out design that disrupts shelves while remaining true to brand?

The Tuscanini  brand needs no introduction. Mark Weisz Design has been an integral part of this iconic brand since the beginning. From the brand launch and the Tuscanini logomark that appeared on Tuscanini's Original Gourmet Pizza boxes to their ever-expanding line of premium imported Italian fare, MWD has worked with Tuscanini to develop packaging that accentuates the quality behind this authentic Italian line.


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Modern Italian design is synonymous with beauty and style. For stand-out branding on their Cola line, Tuscanini turned to Mark Weisz Design. The clean design concept we developed combines a full wrap with solid color & captures the modern, fresh look Tuscanini was after. This one is a real head-turner on grocery shelves when displayed alongside other Cola brands. 

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